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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Facial Cleansing Oil

This is like giving yourself a spa facial treatment in your own home. The oils involved will not clog your pores, but will purify your skin and provide natural moisture. Since you're making your own personal blend, you can find a combination that works perfectly for your skin. This does mean that there will be some trial and error involved, but I promise the end result will be worth it!


You're going to need two oils. The first oil is castor oil. This oil will draw out any impurities in your skin. The second oil can be any oil you choose. I think it's great to start with olive oil because most people already have it around the house. I've also used grapeseed and sunflower oil. My personal favorite is sunflower oil. I recommend avoiding any oils with a strong scent such as hemp or jojoba.


Basically, you'll want to figure out the right balance of oils for your skin. People with oily skin will want more castor oil. Those with dry skin will want to use more of the base oil. Start with something like 75% base oil and 25% castor oil and adjust as needed until you find the best mix for you.  For your first batch, just go with 3 teaspoons of base oil and 1 teaspoon of castor oil. 

How To

After you've mixed your oils, pour a quarter-sized amount of into your hand. Apply oil to dry unwashed face and gently massage for a minute or two. Soak a washcloth in clean steamy water and drape this over your face. Leave the washcloth over your face until it has cooled to room temperature. Remove and rinse the washcloth in the hot water and repeat two more times. After the 3rd application and cooling of the steamed cloth, gently wipe your face to remove any remaining oil.

That's it. You shouldn't need any additional moisturizer, but if you do, apply a small amount of your oil blend to your face.

Once you've mastered your personal oil blend, you can add healing essential oils. For my somewhat acne-prone skin, lavender and tea tree essential oils have been very helpful.

I do this once or twice a week.

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